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Industry Solutions


MacElroy serves a variety of industries with quality products, superior service, and cost-effective solutions.  Although we will take on any job that fits our capabilities, our main customer base comes from the construction, transportation, marine, and power generation industries.



» Construction Industry

    For over 75 years, MacElroy has been a leading supplier to the construction
    industry.  We add value by providing quality products, superior service, and
    cost-effective solutions to each project. 


» Transportation Industry

    MacElroy provides the transportation industry with fabricated metals, castings,
    and fiberglass solutions using today‚Äôs best technologies. 


» Marine Industry

    MacElroy serves the marine industry with mooring devices, fender systems,
    tie back systems, hardware, and fabricated steel. 


» Power Generation Industry

    With years of experience, MacElroy maintains a successful track record of
    quality manufacturing and on-time delivery of custom steel structures for the
    power generation industry.