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Security Bollards


MacElroy’s security bollards are constructed to be sturdy and hard-wearing for dependable protection in tough situations


Security Bollards

Antique-Styled Security Bollards
Our antique-styled security bollards are the perfect accent for any site with historical flavor.  These bollards are both functional and decorative, offering an attractive way to control traffic flow and provide security for government buildings, office complexes, malls, monuments, schools, airports, and the waterfront.  Constructed of cast iron, they have the strength and durability to guard, protect, and stand firm against motor vehicle impacts.


Standard Material: Cast Iron, ASTM A48/A48M, Class 30B


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Pipe Bollards
Used for their functional capabilities, we offer pipe bollards to provide building and pedestrian security and traffic flow control.  These bollards are used for the protection of loading docks, buildings, pedestrians, and anything else susceptible to a motor vehicle collision or unwanted contact.


Standard Material: Cast Steel, ASTM A27/A27M, Grade 65-35



MacElroy also offers bollard sleeves used as decorative covers to hide unattractive posts.  They turn old or ordinary metal posts into attractive bollards for enhancement of a site’s appearance.  Materials include stainless steel, carbon, and aluminum.  As a custom metal fabricator and casting specialist, any product can be customized to meet the customer’s specifications.






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