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MacElroy's success is universal, with projects all over the world.  Our products can be found throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia, just to name a few.  Below are some examples of our work.



USS Intrepid Towers

» Towers at USS Intrepid Museum


Project consisted of constructing four steel towers to act as gangways to provide access to and from the USS Intrepid ship.  Read more...



Subway Work

» New York Subway Entrances


To capture the architectural beauty of old New York, entrance railings & posts are fabricated to re-create the subway entrances of the early 1900's. Read more...



Water Wheel

» Water Wheel


A working water wheel was fabricated to enhance the waterfront at Hudson River Park.  Read more...



Acoustic Enclosure

» Acoustical Turbine Enclosure


Offering solutions in sound attenuation for the power generation industry, an acoustical enclosure for a steam turbine was built.  Read more...