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Subway Entrance

Projects:  Subway Entrances


Client:  New York City Transit Authority


Location:  New York


As a major supplier for New York's subways, J.C. MacElroy Company has brought distinctive characteristics of the past to present day New York by providing historic replications and restorations of a variety of products.  This has included light fixtures, stairs, railings, subway car truck parts, and much more.


Our most recognized work, however, is considered to be the numerous subway entrance railing assemblies located throughout the five boroughs of New York. These projects consist of the fabrication of cast iron railings and cast iron light posts utilizing the most advanced machinery available in our Piscataway facility. Capturing the architectural, historic beauty of old New York, these railings and posts are re-creations of the subway entrances of the early 1900's.


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Subway Entrance - Wall StreetSubway Entrance Railings & Light PostsSubway Entrance RailingSubway Entrance Railings & Light Posts